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Are you an educational leader looking for ways to build the teaching and learning capacity of your school?

You know there is an opportunity to get more value out of the professional development already on offer for your staff but it can be tough juggling all the competing priorities that confront you in your day to day role.

  • Perhaps you are grappling with how to be that instructional leader who gets everyone pulling in the one direction and using their talents in ways that really make a difference?
  • Maybe you are uncertain about how to give clear, productive feedback?
  • Or, are you struggling to find the time to achieve all the admin things you need to do as well as being as influential in teaching and learning as you would like to be?

We believe coaching can make an impact in all these areas.

How we can help

At Growth Coaching International we strive to improve the quality of conversations in school communities – leaders with teachers; teachers with teachers; leaders and teachers with parents and everyone with students – so that principals lead well; teachers teach well, parents and community contribute well and students learn well.

We believe that coaching provides a vehicle to achieve this and that coaching, skilfully deployed, is a cornerstone of school improvement.

Growth Coaching International Pty Ltd has been providing coaching services to Australian educational leaders since 2002 with over 7000 thousand school leaders, system leaders and teachers participating in GCI programs across Australia over the last twelve months alone.

GCI coaching and coach training programs are offered across all ‘portals’ of the Global Framework for Coaching in Education* including programs designed to enhance:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Teaching Practice
  • Student Success and Wellbeing
  • Community Engagement
* van Nieuwerburgh, C. & Campbell, J. (2015). A global framework for coaching in education. CoachEd: The Teaching Leaders Coaching Journal, 1: 2-5

Our clients include:

  • Government school leaders in every state and territory across Australia
  • Leading independent schools across Australia including, Hale School Perth, Haileybury Melbourne, St Ignatius (Riverview) Sydney plus many more
  • Catholic Education Schools in the Dioceses of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Toowoomba, Rockhampton and more

GCI is proud to be an official sponsor of…

Growth Coaching International is an approved coaching services provider with…

  • bastow
  • QELi (Queensland Education Leadership Institute)
  • Centre for Strategic Education (CSE)
  • Institute for Professional Learning, WA
  • Catholic Education Office, WA
  • Department for Education and Child Development
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Upcoming Workshops

Coaching Accreditation Program - 2017 Dates

NT 27 & 28 Feb | QLD 9 & 10 Mar | SA 14 & 15 Mar

Introduction to Leadership Coaching

NSW 1 & 2 Mar | VIC 9 & 10 Mar | SA 28 & 29 Mar

Solution Focus Master Class: Advanced Coaching Skills Program

NT 27 & 28 Feb | WA 20 & 21 Mar | NSW 20 & 21 Mar

What Others Say…

  • Excellent – all around. I can sense the development of my skills from the beginning of the course to the end. This gives me great satisfaction.

    Belinda Emmi Brisbane Catholic Education, Queensland
  • Very impressive! Well organised – great framework. Excellent presentation – great resources – well-structured and sequenced activities.

    Carolyn Parsell St Joachim’s Lidcombe, NSW
  • Would love to do this sort of exercise with the other staff in the school so that everyone raised awareness of their selves and others.

    Catherine Kapiteyn Burbridge School, Principal
  • The most inspiring, thought provoking, relevant and common sense program I’ve been part of. I can see immediate implications for improved success in my role and school.

    Damian Lloyd Principal, Yealering Primary School, WA
  • Very helpful on every level – very engaging and energising. The ability to practice with colleagues made it real and taught us to recognise our strengths and weaknesses.

    Deborah Russell Trinity College, Head of Student Care, SA
  • This program was outstanding in reaching my professional learning needs in improving outcomes for individuals and the school.

    Julie Kennedy Girraween High School, NSW
  • The balance of knowledge, activity, humour, music and peer learning was fabulous! Thank you very much. I like the way you do it!

    Karen Dymke Upper Yarra Secondary, Victoria
  • I am inspired to put this in into practice. Thank you. This will make a difference.

    Katrina Otway Nakara, Assistant Principal, Northern Territory
  • A great 2 days. Very specific, pertinent and appropriate to my job. Great structures to practice and follow.

    Kevin Clarke Greenfields Primary School, Principal, Western Australia
  • Great useful simple practices to use immediately to effectively implement at school.

    Kylie Hanson Larapinta Primary School, Northern Territory
  • The GROWTH Coaching experience with gci has been an extremely rewarding one. There is a time to mentor and even a time to direct; however most of the time the leader of a 21st Century school needs to inspire and motivate; they need to COACH. I have found the gci GROWTH model like most things in life valuable because it is effective though simple. Growth coaching gave me the strategies to effectively sustain change not through celebrations or fear but through self-motivation and self-generated achievable goals. Well done.

    Mike Morgan Shenton College, Principal, Western Australia
  • I can’t thank you enough for working with me last year to set me up for what I achieved and many more good outcomes ahead.

    Robert Tomkinson
  • This has been a very inspiring course which has equipped me with very practical ideas to make my interactions more focussed.

    Sadie Brayshaw Hocking Primary School, Teacher, Western Australia
  • Without a doubt this program has been the most valuable professional learning experience I have had throughout my time in education

    Sue Starling Flinders Christian Community College, Principal, Victoria
  • Outstanding in pace, pitch and content that led to full engagement and learning for staff.

    Sue Starling Intro Leadership Flinders Christian Community College, Victoria
  • I was very satisfied that I will be a better leader as a result of this PD.

    Tania Leets Midvale PS, Principal
  • Loved this session, really practical, highly focussed and lots to think about and implement. Brilliant.

    Tanya Cooke Principal, Dandenong Region Network, Victoria
  • "This was a very powerful learning experience balanced with practice and feedback. Confronting yet safe! This was the best leadership experience I've had. Absolutely fabulous!"

    Terry Brown Nyangatjatjara College, NT
  • Extremely relevant to my role and job. This has given me an approach and range of strategies which will enable me to address many of those difficult issues and people which I might otherwise put in the 'too hard basket'.

    Tim Baker CAP Geographe Primary School, Western Australia